Which One to Pick in 2020?

At A Glance


Coffee Meets Bagel  is one of the first dating apps geared towards
women and a great starting point if you’re after long-term romance. Launched in
2012, it boasts a rather young pool of members and caters to singles worldwide.
Similar to Hinge, it tends to use your Facebook profile to find you the right
matches, and it focuses on getting you offline as quickly as possible. It is a
great choice for women, but shier men could also find it a great starting point
in the online dating world.

Bumble has become one of the world’s most popular
site since its formation in 2014. This revolutionary app was founded by Tinder’s
co-founder, Whitney Wolfe, who left Tinder to launch this amazing platform that’s
also geared towards women. Since it was founded by the same person, Bumble shares
numerous features with its sister app, Tinder, and is ridiculously easy to use.
This women-friendly app has gained over 12.5 million members worldwide.

How to Choose a Dating App

Choosing a dating
app is never easy, particularly when you’re a single woman concerned about
safety. Bigger players, such as Match or eHarmony tend to be all-round
platforms that put user safety before anything.

But if you’re
not feeling like investing huge amounts of money in finding a partner, perhaps
picking a free yet women-friendly dating app could be a better idea.

Both Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble are excellent options. They are both
centered on women, and you can pick the right one based on your purpose.

Do you want
a long-term relationship or look for casual dating?

The former
is ideal if you’re looking for a long-term commitment.

The latter
could be a great choice for finding a partner, but many people on it look for
casual dating too.

If you don’t
know which to pick, let’s have an in-depth look at each app in this
head-to-head comparison.


Both apps
have excellent user pools, and they are both available in many countries, but Bumble appears to lead. The site is
accessible in almost all continents, covering about 20 countries. Coffee Meets Bagel also has
international coverage but is only popular in a few countries. This means you
stand no chance of finding a partner on this platform if you don’t live in the
USA, UK, Australia, China or Canada.

enjoys much more popularity than Coffee Meets Bagel. That is one conclusion we
can’t argue about. It is at this moment I wish to name my first-round winner in
this head-to-head competition. Bumble.

Winner: Bumble  


popularity of a site typically depends on the number of countries it covers,
but not always.

covering 20 countries, Bumble only receives about 900,000 visits per month from
its 11,000 weekly users. Even though women are the key drivers of relationships
in this site, there is a very minute difference between the number of men and
the number of women on the site.

One crucial factor that one needs to put into consideration when choosing this site is its availability in your area. If you reside in the rural areas, you are likely to spend months or years finding a match on Bumble. Remember, online daters are selective, and where you live is one significant determinant. Primarily, most online dating users live around the city irrespective of the site they’re using.

Coffee Meets Bagel might be popular in
five countries only, but it counts over 7 million visits. That’s quite impressive,
to be honest. Perhaps the key is its women-empowering approach and the fact
that it focuses on finding you a long-term match.

Regardless of
the reason, the truth is that Coffee Meets Bagel wins this round, and our
head-to-head competition is now a tie.

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel

Sign-up Process

The sign-up
process for both sites isn’t rocket science. It will only take you a few
minutes to sign up. Any tech-savvy individual can sign up comfortably within 15
minutes. The apps are also safe as they do not ask too much personal
information. Bumble has a straightforward process due to its long list of
countries and vast members.  Both Bumble
and Coffee Meet Bagel ask for education, work, and other general information.

It is
difficult to tell which site is easier and faster to sign up, so I have to call
this a tie.

Winner: Tie 


When it
comes to features, Bumble seems to be more vibrant. Coffee Meets Bagel has
general features due to its massive user pool. Any single member from 18 to 50
years can use the app comfortably. Premium members of both sites can enjoy
great features to help get a perfect match, but Coffee Meets Bagel has chat
rooms, it can import your pictures from Facebook, has messenger notifications,
and even a poke feature. This round, Coffee Meets Bagel wins. Claps!

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel

Quality of Matches

We don’t
need to make a comparison based on the quality of the matches. The winner is Coffee
Meets Bagel! How did I know? Well, let’s be logical. Bumble comes up as an
alternative to Tinder. Tinder is known for its pro-hook-ups approach to online
dating, and just because only women can initiate conversation on Bumble, it doesn’t
mean you’ll find long-term partners there.

On Coffee
Meets Bagel, it can happen to find unserious users, but it’s rarer. With that
said, Coffee Meets Bagel takes the trophy once more.

Winner: Coffee Meets Bagel 

Aesthetics and Interface

Both apps
have and use clean aesthetics. The design on each app looks quite basic. Bumble
has launched a Bumble Mag—a magazine distributed offline for free for people
living in the United States when you request for it. Therefore, without going
far into more details, I can confidently give this one a tie. Both apps are
great and are doing well as far as aesthetics and interface are concerned.

Both apps

Winner: Tie


Most dating
sites have premiums that come in packages for various perks. The more you pay,
the better the services. This is no different for Coffee Meets Bagel and
Bumble. However, the payment system is quite different between the two.

Bumble offers
the traditional two, four, and eight-month plans. Coffee Meets Bagel lets you
buy beans, an in-app currency you can use to buy various perks.

Which one
is cheaper truly depends on how well you can manage your in-app funds. For the
simplicity of things, I kind of prefer Bumble.

Winner: Bumble

Who Is It For? 

Most dating
sites have no restrictions on the type of relationship the members can indulge
in. However, both apps are geared more towards straight men and women.

Winner: Tie 

And The Winner Is…

Hard and
tough it was, but we got a winner! Ladies and gentlemen, let’s all clap for… Coffee Meets Bagel!

Yes, most
of us saw it coming. Therefore, it wasn’t as surprising as I wanted it to be.
Congratulations on reading through and identifying the winner before I could
announce it. That is really motivating.

This app has
great features. It is also easy to use. It unites members as it allows people
from different countries, with different orientations and ages to interact and
find love. Coffee Meets Bagel is an app for everyone.

Well, Bumble is not doing bad itself because it
bagged a few points. It also has a strong theme whose aim is to empower women
and allow a female-friendly dating site.

you choose, make sure to let me know in a comment below; I’d love to hear from

And before
you go, don’t forget to share this article with your girlfriends. Let them know
that women-friendly dating sites are a thing now, and these two I featured in
this article can be excellent choices.

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