When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too?

Are you wondering if your special crush likes you too? 

Are you looking for hints to find out how he feels? 

Perhaps you’re desperate to find out, yet also terrified to ask? 

If so, you’re in the right place. This guide reveals the body language giveaways that show exactly how he feels about you. 

However, before I reveal the signs to look out for, please read the following sentences carefully. 

There is a powerful aspect of male psychology, which has a significant impact on how men perceive the women in their life. 

It’s called the ‘Hero’s Instinct – a primal instinct that appears to be held by the majority of men. 

Men will often experience strong feelings of affection and devotion towards the woman who can trigger this line of thinking within them.

It can be the difference between being seen as a friend, casual fling or an OBSESSION. I know because I tried it myself (read my personal story to learn more). 

The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is remarkably consistent, because it makes men feel so powerful and purposeful. Naturally, they are drawn to whoever can help them feel this way. 

So, if you’re stuck in a position where you’re unsure whether your crush likes you, the best thing you could do is learn more about how the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ works

Of course, it could be that your crush already has the hots for you. Read on to discover the hints that this is the case.

1: Their Pupils Dilate When They Talk To You


One of the easiest ways to spot mutual attraction is through eye contact. That’s because, when a man or woman is attracted to you, their pupils will dilate when they talk to you. That’s because, scientifically speaking, our eyes want to take in as much of a person we’re attracted to as possible, so the pupils will dilate.

That’s not just because we want to see more of that person’s appearance. Pupils dilating also shows that you want to take in everything that person is saying, so you’re paying close attention to that person as much as possible.

Just think yourself, when you’ve talked to a crush in the past, did you really soak in everything they were saying as well as all their hand gestures and expressions? Of course you did, because you’ll want to play that conversation back in your head over and over again, analyzing every little thing that someone said and did.

So, the next time you’re talking to your crush, rather than just focusing on what they’re saying and doing, remember to look into their eyes and look to see if there’s any dilation. If there is, you could well find that they are attracted to you too!

2: Blinking Is Important Too!

When you’re talking to someone that you’re attracted to, you’re now going to be making eye contact to look for any pupil dilation. Well, luckily for you, there’s a second sign of mutual attraction that you can look for around the eyes too.

As, when you chat to that special someone and make your eye contact, look out for how many times that person is blinking. That’s because, someone who is talking to you and not blinking as much as you would expect, could well be attracted to you.

It goes along the same lines as pupil dilation, which occurs when someone is trying to take in a lot about the person that they’re looking for. That person will also want to avoid blinking too much as if you blink often, you might miss out on something vital.

3: Someone Is Acting Awkward Around You

Remember back in high school, where it felt like you were drowning in sex hormones? It felt like every time you were attracted to someone it was impossible to speak to that person. As, every time you did, you struggled with eye contact and your heart rate would go through the roof. In fact, many of us would rather just run away than chat with someone you were attracted to.

Well, now you’re an adult, talking to that person you’re attracted to should be easy – right? Wrong! Even now our heart rate rockets and we go straight back to feeling like a bumbling teenager. Which is how you’ll be able to recognize if someone is secretly attracted to you, you just need to study their body language.

Think back to when that someone was talking to you, were they awkward? Maybe they accidentally walked into something or they were generally clumsy. Or, you might have noticed them dropping something around you and being awkward.

If that’s the case, there’s a good chance that the person is attracted to you! As, when we like someone, we often lose control due to the surge of feelings we experience when we see that person. Think of it as being a computer. If you’re using a computer and you have a lot of browser tabs open, all trying to load different web pages, you’ll find that computer struggles. It might even glitch and cause your browser to shut down – just because it’s overloaded with information.

Because that person is nervous, they will likely ‘glitch’ themselves, acting stranger than they would normally do. Which means, if you notice someone acting a little clumsy or odd around you, there’s a good chance that someone is attracted to you!

4: Look Out For Open Body Language

4: Look Out For Open Body Language

While attraction can come out as nerves and clumsiness, for the lucky few of us that are top of our feelings, you might be feeling strong and confident. Normally speaking, these people are very sure of their confidence, so they be more likely to just tell you that they’re attracted to you.

However, a lot of time, people hate rejection – rightly so, it’s not the nicest thing at all to have someone you like tell you they don’t feel the same. Which is why people are often reluctant to share their feelings, even if they are a generally confident person.

So, how can you decipher how a confident man or woman feels about you? Well, it all comes down to body language, as someone who has a very open body with you, likely feels safe and attracted to you. The same goes vice versa, if you like someone, you will likely stand very open to them.

To spot open body language you don’t need to be a psychologist, you just need to be aware of how someone is standing. If they have their arms closed and they are hunched away from you, then this is someone who is unsure of you or perhaps isn’t very fond of you. If, on the other hand, they are sitting open with their arms open, this is seen as a sign of trust and could indicate a level of attraction on their part.

If you’re at a party and someone you like is there, try and talk to them and see how they stand or sit with you. If it’s generally open, then there’s a good chance that a relationship could blossom between you both.

5: You Might Notice That Their Tone Of Voice Alters

When you first meet people, it can be impossible to know what their usual voice tone sounds like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out if they are attracted to you or not. As to look for attraction in someone, you just need to look out for their voice altering.

That’s because, studies have shown that people will alter their voices – such as changing the tone, pitch, and strength – in order to test what that someone they’re attracted to appears to respond to the most. This can be hard to pick up on, though, especially in a busy club or bar where there’s a lot of background noise, plus these changes can be very subtle.

Just think, in the animal kingdom, animals will do displays and calls in order to attract their mates. The idea being, that by standing out from the crowd, they are more likely to attract a mate. The pitch of our voices is the same, as by making your voice higher or lower, you may just make yourself the number one choice for that person you’re attracted to.

It’s even possible for others to notice when two people are attracted to each other. As perhaps you could be sitting near two people on a date in a restaurant and you think they’re getting on really well. Indeed, you might even describe it as “sparks flying”. In reality, though, there aren’t any actual sparks but you could be picking up on these voice changes.

Just be careful trying to listen out too much for voice changes, these can be very subtle and you might look a little odd to someone if you’re concentrating on to their voice too much. You could even scare someone who’s attracted to you away!

6: They Start Mirroring How You Act

When you feel an attraction to someone, you’ll unconsciously start to mimic them. Perhaps it’s their accent, the hand gestures they make or the colloquialisms that they use. The likelihood is, you won’t even realize that you’re doing it. Which gives people the perfect opportunity to know if someone might like them, all you need to do is watch that person and see if they start mirroring anything that you’re doing. You might even want to do a few things to see if they are mirroring you, like scratching your nose or running your hand through your hair. If they return the favor, they might just be looking for a relationship with you!

You’ll also find that the same mimicking occurs in with likes and hobbies. For instance, if you have a certain band that you really like, it’s likely that someone who is attracted to you will start liking that band too. The same goes for video games, sports and hobbies like painting.

Whatever you like, if someone likes you, they will want to like these things too in order to get closer to you. To really tests someone’s attraction to you, start chatting about something that you like to them. If that’s a band, you could even mention a playlist you made or one or two of your favorite songs of theirs. If that someone comes back and says they’ve been listening to that band, it shows that they’re been thinking about you when you’re not around and they’d be interested in a relationship.

Just think, do you know any couples that have started to look like one another after dating for a while? The fact that they look like one another comes down to the fact that their attraction has led them to start dressing similarly.

7: They Look Like They’re Glowing

7: They Look Like They’re Glowing

While glowing might be something we used to describe a pregnant woman, if someone is glowing it might be a sign of attraction. So, what do we mean by people who are glowing? Well it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to spot them in the dark, instead, it’s more to do with how shiny that person’s skin is.

That’s because, when we feel attraction to people, our pores open up more. This causes our skin to secrete more oils and look shinier – or glowing. This idea of glowing also comes from the idea that when attracted to people, your blood pumps more around your body. On your face this means you’ll more likely have rosy and plump cheeks. Sort of like the idea of blushing more in the presence of people that we feel like we’d like a relationship with.

Of course, in this day and age, it isn’t always easy to spot naturally glowing skin in women as so many ladies will have very matte makeup on as well as blush. Which can give all the signs of someone feeling attraction, yet it’s just the fact that they’re good with makeup.

8: They Want to Spend Time With You

So, you feel attracted to someone, the likelihood is, you’re going to want to spend as much time with that person as possible. Which means, if you work in the same place, you’ll find excuses to head over to their desk or work with them more.

The same goes when people feel attracted to you, if they are always popping over to see you or finding a reason to message you, it’s very likely that they would like to ask you out on a date – they just haven’t found the right way or time to ask yet.

If you like this person and they are trying to spend time with you, take it as a sure sign that you should ask them out. Of course, there’s a risk they might say no, but if you’ve been reading the signs right, they will be dying to say yes!

Knowing if when you feel attracted to someone do they feel it too can be hard for people, particularly when we’re all so scared of rejection. However, if you have a crush on someone and you’ve noticed they are showing some of the signs that they could be attracted to you too, then you’re in luck.

So, seize the day and ask that person out. The worst they can say is no, but they’re far more likely to say yes. Which means you could be out on a romantic date with a potential soulmate before you know it!

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