What Men Secretly Want Review [James Bauer] (2020)

Like many of you, I have had many romantic relationships during the years.

While I knew from the start that some of them wouldn’t have worked, I was also left with a broken heart and many questions by a few “Mister Rights”.

It is very likely that you experienced a similar situation too. It is very likely that you were also left with a bunch of unanswered questions after your “right man” packed his bags for good.

But what if I were to tell you that now we can get all the answers to those questions?

Would you like to know what made your partners run away even if everything seemed perfect?

What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer does exactly this: answers all those questions.

In addition, it also teaches you how to keep a man by your side forever.


Read my What Men Secretly Want review to find out more about this awesome program.

What to Consider Before Buying What Men Secretly Want?



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What Men Secretly Want by James Bauer aims to teach you how to behave if you want to be irresistible for your man. However, there are a few things to consider before buying the book.

First of all, you should know that What Men Secretly Want is not a “how-to” guide that will show you how to manipulate or change your partner.

If you’re looking for such product, then this is not the right choice for you. Don’t expect to receive any quick solutions for couple crisis either.

This program was designed to make women understand what they are doing wrong in their relationships, even if they don’t realize it.

Even if James Bauer claims that this program works in every situation, I feel that this statement is rather commercial. The author says that, after learning the strategies presented in his program, you will be able to keep your man by your side forever.

However, I believe that no one can make such predictions on something as delicate as the relationships.

Basically, What Men Secretly Want is dedicated to all those women who want to settle down with a man.

This course is a good choice for you if you want to find the man of your life or if you want to improve and strengthen your relationship.

You will have to do some hard work on yourself, however, if you want to change and improve your behavior towards men.

Nevertheless, this step-by-step program will show you exactly what to do to become irresistible to your man.

What Man Secretly Want is the right choice for you if:

  • You are feeling unable to create a strong bond with a man, or if you feel that every time things get serious your partner is tempted to leave.
  • You are feeling unable to find the right man for you.
  • You are able to somehow mess up all the important relationships but you don’t know why.

What Men Secretly Want is not the right choice for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick fix of your relationship.
  • Are unwilling to change your behavior.
  • You are a man.

What is What Men Secretly Want?

What Men Secretly Want is a program specifically designed by relationship counselor James Bauer for all the women who want to have a deeper understanding of men.

The author promises that this course will enable you to connect and engage in a long-term relationship with the man of your dreams.

The program has the purpose to help women understand how men think and how they experience the relationships.

Bauer based his program around the “Respect Principle”, illustrated in a survey conducted in 2006 by author Shaunti Feldhahn. The survey’s results clearly show that men would rather feel alone and unloved than inadequate and disrespected.

What Men Secretly Want will teach you that, if you want to keep the right man by your side, you have to understand this principle and be ready to act accordingly.

If you will be able to show your partner that you truly respect and understand him, it is very likely that you will have his admiration, love, and devotion forever.


  • Easy to follow: the program is structured as a step-by-step guide that will lead you through the various concepts.
  • Concise: there are nine different modules explained in less than 200 pages, so you will be able to quickly find whatever information you’re interested in.
  • Two learning methods: the course is available both as a PDF eBook and as a mp3 audio file.
  • Based on research: the program was not developed around an unconfirmed theorybut is based on research studies. In addition, the author is a psychology student and relationship counselor.


  • What Men Secretly Want is not a relationship development program, but rather a practical guide on understanding men.
  • The book, together with the included bonuses, are available only online, on the dedicated website.
  • Bauer advertises 100% substantial results, but this might not be true in all cases.

Features and Benefits

An Insight into Men’s Psychology

Whether this program will improve or not your current relationship, it will still teach you a few interesting facts about men’s way of thinking. This is a big plus since you will be able to address men more efficiently and to better understand why they act in a determinate way.

This course will teach you why a man tends to withdraw from a relationship that seems perfect and how to act to gain his admiration and commitment. According to Bauer, once a woman understands the “respect principle” and begins to apply it, she will become irresistibly attractive to her partner, or to any other man as matter of fact.

If you will be able to show your partner that you respect him in any situation, it will be possible that he will lose interest in other women. This is because he will see you as “that woman”, the one who really understands him.

Inside the modules you will also find a list of phrases you should never, under no circumstance, say to your partner and many real life examples that will make you understand how to apply the principle and why it works.

Designed Especially for Women

There are many relationship development programs available on the market, but What Men Secretly Want is different because it is designed especially for women.

In fact, I strongly believe that those programs designed for both genders are less efficient compared to a course designed for women or men alone. The techniques presented in this program are more likely to work because they are specific.

Concise and Easy to Follow

The program is divided into nine modules, each of them addressing a specific issue. All the problems are addressed in a straightforward way and you will not have to read a book full of fluff. In addition, the program is really short compared with other similar programs, counting less than 200 pages.

However, don’t get tricked by this, as learning what is written in the modules is a whole different thing.

Even if the concepts are easy to understand, you will still have to change the inner you.

Since it is very likely that you have different habits, it will take a lot of work to educate yourself to behave according to the program.

Designed by a Relationship Counselor

The program is created by James Bauer, an alleged relationship counselor and psychology student. However, there are some controversies regarding the author’s identity, some people believing that James Bauer doesn’t even exist.

It is true that there is little information available about James Bauer, which is rather strange for a successful relationship counselor. Nevertheless, not all the people want to be popular and there are many cases when authors used different names for their publications.

The fact that the program is based on research and studies is a clear sign that whoever the author is, he or she is a professional with experience in couple problems and the advice presented in the program is of expert level.

Improve Communication

Poor communication is one of the main reasons of relationship crisis and the main reason why couples split.

Probably we have all experienced moments when we didn’t feel understood by our partners, or when we couldn’t understand them.

Understand What It Is That Makes Them Want To Leave You​

Man and women think differently and have different needs. Those differences can lead to incomprehension and can create communication gaps. However, with the right technique, those communication gaps can be removed. This program aims to do exactly this: remove the communication gaps between the partners, explaining what you should do to get the attention of your significant other.

Lifetime Purchase

Once you buy this program you will receive lifetime access to a members’ area where you will be able to read the course and enjoy the other features of the dashboard.

In the package is included the course in PDF and audio files formats, so you will be able to choose your favorite learning method.

In addition, you will have access to the Member Discussion forum, an area where you will be able to share your concerns or advice with other women.

Another great feature available in the dashboard in the Private Advice Consultation.

Using this option, you will be able to have a one-on-one coaching session with James Bauer himself or with one of his team members.

If this is not enough for you, know that you will also be automatically signed up to a series of eZine newsletters. The newsletters offer valuable free information on how to implement the system presented in the course.

Additional Bonuses Included

The program comes with additional bonuses in the form of videos or PDF books. The most important bonuses are the following:

  • The Active Ingredients of Love: a guide based on a study conducted by James Bauer in the attempt of finding out what love means to different women and how they define a loving relationship. After collecting all the necessary information, he put up this guide to key concepts that are needed if you want a happy and long-lasting relationship.
  • The Art of Intrigue: How to Make Him Crazy for You – let’s face it, we all want a partner or husband that is crazy for us. I know it, you know, and even James Bauer knows it. For this reason, he decided to offer this book he is actually selling as a separate product. The book teaches you how to keep your man’s interest. And basically, you will get two courses for the price of one.
  • What Men Secretly Want: Frequently Asked Questions – a bonus video in which James Bauer answers many of the most frequent questions that arise when women start using the strategies presented in the main course.

Free Tips and Relationship Articles

From the main page of What Men Secretly Want website, you can access a series of free tips and relationship articles. To get the free tips you will have to subscribe to a newsletter and you will get fourteen attraction secrets directly into your inbox. There is no commitment to any purchase and you will be able to unsubscribe when you want.

The relationship articles can be accessed on a different website. There are many interesting articles and the blog section is updated regularly. You will find out, for instance, how to be different from all the other women, or how to become the first woman who truly understands her partner’s needs.

Money Back Guarantee

James Bauer offers a 60-day, no question, money back guarantee for What Men Secretly Want. This means that you can buy the program without risking to get a useless course.

If, for any reason, you feel that the program is not suitable for your case, you can simply ask for a refund.

Is What Men Secretly Want Working?

Probably. The course might not be able to save a relationship that is not working in the first place, but it will definitely offer you an insight into men’s twisted minds.

Knowing how a man thinks will make it easier for you to communicate and address relationship issues.

You should know that the success of this program depends entirely on you. It will definitely not work if are unwilling to apply the strategies learned. You will need to put some effort into changing the way you relate to men and this can be a difficult task.

Some of the women who bought this program seem very satisfied with it. Here is what one of them said:

“It reminded me of the things that we sometimes forget. Men and women are wired differently, when we can respect and honor that relationships can strive and become stronger!! Thank you so much!!”

However, since we are all different, the best way to check if the What Men Secretly Want is working or not, is to try it for yourself.

After all, you can always get your money back if you don’t like it.

Click the button below to try it out for yourself and see if it’s the right solution for you.

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What Men Secretly Want Alternatives

It is easy to imagine that such a hot topic was discussed by many relationship experts and psychologists. For this reason, on the market, there are available many alternatives to Bauer’s guide, some of which even seem to be more complete. Let’s have a look at the most popular.

1. What Men Want: The Essential Guide on How to Attract Men… and Keep Them! by James Taylor

Written by a dating and relationship coach specialized in teaching women how to attract and keep the man of their dreams, this book is extremely similar with the one written by James Bauer.

In this book, Taylor reveals which are the 10 most important qualities men want in a woman, where to find amazing men and how to make “the one” fall in love with you. In fact, Taylor says that if you will follow his advice you will appear more attractive to men, while men will be more motivated to move the relationship to the next level instead of leaving.

Comparison of the two books:

  • Both authors aim to offer an insight into men’s mind. Both books are addressed to women, particularly to those women who are unable to have long-term relationships.
  • If you choose to purchase Taylor’s book, you will not have access to the community support or to any free tips.

If you want to find out more about this book, click here:

What Men Want

2. The Game of Men by Greg Mason

Cheap and appreciated by the readers, this is another book that promises to show you how to make a man commit to a long-term relationship. The book is available in both Kindle and hard copy format.

With the book, you will also get a link to an audio book and to other free bonuses that are included in the purchase. In addition, the book is available in other languages too. The author is having a successful career as a family therapist and holds a degree in Sexual Therapy.Comparison of the two books:

  • The Game of Men proposes a different approach compared to What Men Secretly Want. Mason’s book explains which are the various categories of men and how to behave with each of them, rather than focusing on a single principle.
  • A great advantage of What Men Secretly Want is that it gives you the possibility of having a one-on-one coaching session with a relationship specialist. It will probably be more difficult and expensive to have a relationship coaching session with Mason.

Here you can find more details about this book:

The Game of Men by Greg Mason

3. The Attraction Factor – 4 Simple Yet Powerful Principles That Will Melt Any Man’s Heart by Bob Grant

Written by a licensed relationship expert, this book aims to reveal not one but four simple and powerful principles that, if applied, will make men stay with you forever. This is not the first book the author writes for women who experience relationship issues but it is the most similar to Bauer’s What Men Secretly Want.

In this book, the author aims to reveal some fundamental things men are searching for in women. The book should also educate women on how to be attractive to a man and why it is better to focus on quality men instead of trying to change a mediocre man.

Comparison of the two books:

  • Both books are available in digital version only, but while Bauer’s book is available online, thus accessible on various devices, Grant’s book is available in Kindle format only.
  • Bob Grant is both a certified therapist and a married man. For this reason, all the advice and strategies presented in the book are written from the perspective of a committed professional. Unfortunately, there is little information available regarding the experience, studies and marital status of James Bauer.

More details about the book can be found here:

The Attraction Factor

Final Thoughts

What Man Secretly Want is definitely an interesting guide for all those women who want to understand more about men behavior and way of thinking. Designed as a tool that should help women find and settle down with quality men, the program can be equally useful to women who simply want to improve their relationship.

I know, you’re probably wondering if What Men Secretly Want can work for you. I don’t know that, and probably not even Bauer is able to give you a definitive answer to this question. However, you can simply try it. You have 60 days to test the strategies and see if they are working or not. If you’re not happy with the results, you will simply get your money back. It couldn’t have been better!

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