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And you can use it to re-spark the attraction of any girl who seemed interested… but somehow “slipped away”

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t heard from her in a while…

Or you see her everyday…

Because even girls who seemed cold or uninterested…

Will now suddenly be eager to “let loose” and go back to your bedroom. (Even if right now she’s “just a friend”)

And as crazy as all this may sound to you now…

The moment you activate “The Effortless Effect”…

She won’t be able to stop herself from being ATTRACTED to you

But first it’s important to understand WHY girls lose interest in you to begin with…

And the biggest mistake I would always make is…

I would get a girl leaning in, gazing into my eyes…basically just begging to be be kissed.

I was so busy “telling stories” and “trying to be funny” that I never
even noticed the signs.

I don’t think I ever “stopped talking” long enough for
there to be even one moment of chemistry.

Most girls would eventually excuse themselves to go use the bathroom –  promising me they would be… “right back”

sad part is I would actually believe ’em and wait around holding my drink like an idiot…

After 20 minutes it would always hit me like a punch to the gut…

But even when you do finally get a woman’s “attention” with the whole “pickup guy” routine…

The second you start to think…  “Hey, maybe she’s attracted to me?”

She’s packing up her stuff to leave, while saying how “NICE” it was to meet you

And if by some miracle, you do happen to get her phone number…

Well, then it’s even worse…

Because now you’ll spend the next 3 days trying to come up with the funniest, most perfect text message you’ve ever sent…

Only to have her write back…

But most guys have the opposite problem.

Like those times when you secretly “have feelings” for a female friend…

But instead of making a move, you decide you’re just gonna pretend that you’re NOT interested in her

Throw up your hand if you’ve ever tried THAT pathetic strategy

The weird thing is, at first “doing nothing” actually seems to work…

she mistakenly believes you’re some sort of “challenge” she needs to solve

But her interest in you NEVER lasts long.

Because it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you really aren’t some motorcycle riding “bad boy” who’s just…. “playing it cool”

And eventually she realizes that the only reason you were pretending NOT to like her….

Is because
you were “too scared” to “man up” and make a move

And I’d rather be tortured than experience “that” kind of embarrassment again

But as soul crushing as that is…

It’s almost better than letting her know that you DO like her.

Because whenever you do decide to confess your feelings to a girl…. what usually happens next?

She grows bored, acts like she’s got you “all figured out”… and then completely “vanishes” overnight

You may even wonder… “did I just get ghosted?”

Which means you’ll spend the next 3 months re-playing every possible mistake you made… over and over…

Never really figuring out why she left you

So to make sense of why girls suddenly lose interest and “disappear”… you first need to understand The “Golden Rule” of
Attracting Women

The Golden Rule of Attraction states:

“The Person Who Tries LESS…. Holds All The POWER”

See, there’s an “attraction switch” inside the female brain that
instantly shuts OFF the moment she feels that a guy is TRYING too hard to attract
her. This switch acts as sort of a “warning signal” that
somethings “not right” about this guy… and if we get together, he’s going to become NEEDY

And once that switch gets flipped…

HER attraction for you turns “OFF”

She acts cold and indifferent.

Until eventually it feels like she’s completely dropped off the face of
the earth.

But I have some good news.

Because even if you’ve somehow turned her OFF in the past…

You can still switch the attraction “BACK ON”

And get her wanting you again…

So, if “playing it cool” lands you in the friend zone

And “TRYING” to attract women makes you look desperate and needy…

This is super important so write this down:

The secret for attracting women is that you should still TRY… But to HER (and anyone else watching) it should always seem like you aren’t doing anything at all

In other words it should seem…EFFORTLESS

Now, there’s a reason why THIS strategy blows anything you’ve ever tried with women out of the water…

And it’s because you give her the “two things” she’s always wanted in a man

#1: The cool, confident guy that isn’t afraid to make a move

And #2:  The laid back “challenge” she can’t help but want to CHASE

See, my whole life I struggled trying to “figure out” what women want

I’d go back and forth thinking…

Should I be BOLD and just make a move…

OR, should I act like I’m NOT interested in her – hoping that she would chase me

Well, you’ll never have to struggle with women again….

Because now you’ll know the secret for doing BOTH things at once

See what we discovered is…

The guys who are the MOST successful with women, do things differently

They don’t sit around waiting for women to just “magically” make the first move

(You’d be shocked to learn how many guys think this is an actual strategy)

However, when they do talk to women… they never “try too hard” to keep the conversation going either

Meaning, they will still make the EFFORT to go and talk to her…

But if you were watching from a distance, it would look SHE
was doing all the WORK

(This is very subtle, but it makes a HUGE difference)

These guys always look a bit skeptical too…as if they aren’t “sure” about her yet

And although they still take home the HOTTEST women you’ve ever seen in your life,
every single one felt like SHE had to win HIM over…

These guys look and act nothing like the FLASHY “pickup” gurus you may have read about

They’re completely “under the radar”

In fact, if I didn’t point out what they were doing, you would think they were just average “nice guys” who weren’t doing anything at all

These are the “most dangerous” seducers in the world

The type you wouldn’t leave your girlfriend alone with for more than a few seconds

Because the crazy part is…

THIS “Dangerous Seducer” could be YOU…

IF you follow exactly what I’m about to tell you

So what IS the simple secret for turning her attraction for you back ON?

When is the “exact moment” where a woman realizes that she’s ATTRACTED to you?

I can tell you that it’s definitely NOT when you’re trying to be “funny”… or “teasing her” about her taste in music

And it’s NEVER that moment when you “confess your feelings” like you see guys do in the movies.

In those moments you’re putting in too much EFFORT

Now listen closely, because this one little sentence holds the key for getting her attraction back…

Because the TRUTH these “just be cocky-funny” gurus never tell you is…

Attraction really happens… when you aren’t TRYING

Like during a silent “pause” in the conversation.

Or the moment you hold “eye contact” just a second too long… and she starts fantasizing about sleeping with you

It happens when her hand accidentally brushes against your hand… and you don’t move… sending an “electric jolt” through her body.

“So, was that your excuse to come and talk to me?”… and you just look her dead in the eyes without saying A SINGLE WORD

The bottom line is, ATTRACTION only shows up…

When you are saying and doing LESS

And as strange as this all sounds, there’s actually a name for this phenomenon.It’s called… “The Effortless Effect”And it shows up in those rare moments when you “stop trying” and simply “enjoy” the woman you’re talking to

(you may have even experienced it already by accident)

In fact, what we discovered is…The “LESS” you try… the “MORE” she wants you

And here’s the best part…

Because “The Effortless Effect” allows you to create attraction any time you want…

You can simply “Turn it ON”….

And she won’t be able to STOP herself from wanting you

Here’s what’s really cool-

The Effortless Effect starts working right away…

You don’t even have to try…

Which means, you can have her attraction back in less time than it takes to read this sentence (even if you’ve already made a ton of mistakes)

But Chris, how will I know it’s working?

She will immediately start acting more “feminine”  around you

Finding excuses to touch you.

She may all of a sudden start act shy (even if she seemed “out of your league” just seconds earlier)

And like a kitten, for some reason girls will suddenly want to rub some part of their bodies up against you (I haven’t quite figured out why, but you won’t be complaining)

But my favorite part, is when she randomly blurts out…

“Your eyes are gorgeous”

That’s a dead giveaway that she’s “under the spell”

But try not to let all of this go to your head

(Although I have to admit, having beautiful women call you “handsome” really does wonders for your self-confidence)

But the “sure fire” way to know that the Effortless Effect is working… is the moment she starts to TEST you

Women only test men they’re attracted to, and this is NO exception

So the moment she playfully says…

“If you think I’m going home with you tonight…keep dreaming”

The attraction has returned

And now you’re “this close”… to getting her back to your bedroom

There’s a reason why “some guys” just seem to effortlessly attract beautiful women every time they leave the house…

And it’s got nothing to do with looks, money or personality

Heck, some of these guys are “so average” you couldn’t pick em’ out of a lineup

It’s ONLY because they’ve mastered the “subtle art” of turning Her Attraction ON…

Without looking like they’re doing anything

It’s actually very easy once you know the secret

And that’s why I’ve created a “simple” 3 step system any man can use to master this strategy in minutes

I call the program… “Effortless Attraction”

How To Turn Her Attraction Back ON – Without Talking, Trying Or Doing Anything Obvious

And here’s how it works…

“Effortless Attraction”
is a simple 3-step system any man can use, because it leverages the
natural process that has caused men and women to hookup for thousands
of years…

It’s so easy, any man can use these 3 steps to become the worlds most dangerous seducer

“Act As If” She’s Already Attracted To You

Remember when you learned there are certain girls that you “automatically” believe you can get. And with her, you don’t make the mistake of trying too hard. Well, I’m going to teach you the secret for doing this with every single girl you meet (even the ridiculously HOT ones)

Hint: it’s a “mental re-frame” that takes just 30 seconds to implement

“Enjoy” The Woman In Front of You

Every guy makes the fatal mistake of TRYING to attract a woman. Instead, the secret is you should be ENJOYING her. When you make the switch from “trying” to “enjoying” you let the “natural attraction” between men and women do all the work for you.

Here’s the most important step.

You’ll notice that when you start doing LESS there will suddenly be MORE moments of passion and chemistry between you. So be prepared to experience more “electric moments of silence” and “seductive eye contact” every time you see her

If you diffuse any of these “electric moments” by making a joke or looking nervous…you will completely DESTROY all of the attraction she felt (don’t worry, I’ll teach you a simple trick so you never make that mistake… ever again)

One of the best things about using The Effortless Effect is all of the additional POWER it gives you. You can use these new “attraction powers” to attract that one special girl or just casually hookup with beautiful women whenever you want…

“The girl I hooked up with is a model, very cliche, but still. I opened her and basically just got up in her face and
brought her “attraction” to ridiculous levels. She got shy, even though I could tell she was a very confident girl. I swear
I only must of said about 6 words in the whole interaction… but she was definitely turned ON!”

“Chris you’re the man! Met a new girl a few days ago and just got back
from spending the night at her place. I’ve adopted your style very
nicely. And I’m also meeting up with another girl I met later tonight. I
can see how using the “Effortless Effect” can get out of hand fast!”

“Thanks for the great advice Chris.! After the speed dating event, I
was able to go back to a TRUE 10 and maintain that strong eye contact
and flirting that you talk about. She told me my eyes melted her, they were gorgeous, and that she was
all flustered and turned on. So we went outside and started fooling around for about an hour”

Looking back now, it’s funny to think that I discovered The Effortless Effect completely by accident.

I was feeling sick of having to get myself all “pumped up” to approach women.

And then try and “entertain her” with witty jokes and conversation

It all felt so exhausting.

So instead, I just lazily strode up to a pair of attractive blondes at the corner of the bar and “casually” introduced myself as if I was completely “bored” by the whole process.

As I prepared for the customary “weird looks” or even the… “sorry, we just want to talk to each other” speech…

Something strange happened.

Within seconds these girls were completely hooked and trying to impress me.

At this point I figured I was was playing with house money, so instead of trying to “win them over”…

I just leaned back and asked them some basic questions

(Discover the secret for using “Seductive Listening” on page 67)

Now normally, this is where I would sit there nodding my head like a goofball and acting like everything she said was the most amazing thing I’d ever heard…

But this time I decided to keep completely silent and maintain that “seductive eye contact” that I talk about in my book

Because my mind was free from worrying about what to say, I figured… why don’t I try to get a little closer to the girl sitting on my right

When our legs began lightly brushing against each other under the table… and she didn’t move away …

I knew I might actually be onto something.

The funny part is my friends thought I had “crashed and burned” because from their view it didn’t look like I was doing anything special

That’s probably my favorite part about “The Effortless Effect”… because it’s 100% “invisible”… nobody will ever have a clue of what you’re up to

But later when I pulled out my phone to show them a text from her that said…”Are you still coming over tonight?”

They were practically “begging me” to reveal what I’d just done

Since that night I’ve probably taught this technique to thousands of thankful students… and coached even more guys in person.

Eventually, word started to spread around the New York area that a
powerful new “under the radar” way of creating attraction was helping
guys seduce women in just minutes (even guys who were completely shy or

My inbox literally exploded with hundreds of messages from guys around the world begging me to share the “secret sauce”

then I’ve continued to update and perfect my method, testing it out on
the most attractive women in dozens of cities all around the world.

I took the best parts of what I’d discovered and packaged it all into a
simple step- by-step system any man can use to “re-spark the
attraction” and get women wanting him

By the way, how much do you think it’s worth to have a life changing experience like Jarrod had after reading these materials…

How much would you pay to get a “second chance” with that girl you thought had slipped through your fingers?

To win back that attraction she felt. And make her start wanting you again.

To get a text from her at 2am making it obvious that she wants to come over for some late night fun.

The confidence of knowing you’ve finally discovered the secret to making any woman fall for you. (And it was so much easier than you ever imagined)

And what if you could do all of this while giving 98% LESS EFFORT than you do right now.

Without ever having to worry about being a “smooth talker” or becoming “the life of the party”.

And I’m not trying to be cool, but I’ve been offered 5x as much just to demonstrate the Effortless Effect on the beautiful women of NYC.

Before you say “Chris, that’s crazy” –  remember that until you solve this problem you will continue to struggle with women.

I had this same issue for years and I can honestly say that until you get this handled, nothing else is even worth learning.

Or you can decide to change your life forever for less than the cost of one round of drinks.

That means you’ll have all the secrets for effortlessly meeting women, attracting her, making your move and then closing the deal, all in one jam-packed program.

Most of the other “gurus” are charging five times that amount and they don’t even provide a fraction of the value you’ll be getting

I’ve decided to price this low because I remember when I was struggling with this issue and I want to give back to the thousands of guys this program has already helped.

Now, just to make your decision a complete “no brainer”… I’ve decided to sweeten the pot for you even more.

Besides getting All 4 Books in my “Complete System”… I’ve decided to include a New 5th Manual to help you master this system even faster. Use all 3 of my fast action “cheat sheets” to make sure that every time you see her, you always spark that elusive vibe!

Bonus #1: The “Automatic Seduction” Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get the “Automatic Seduction” visual cheat sheet. This is a
cheat sheet, where I map out from start to finish, how to go from
friendly to seductive, to closing the deal. On this cheat sheet, you’ll also get trouble shooting tips for every step
of the interaction

Bonus #2:  The Effortless Effect “Visual Wingman”

Never forget what to say or do around her again when you use this visual reminder. Print it out or take a picture and keep it hidden on your phone. Perfect for making sure you always have that “seductive vibe” nailed down so you can smoothly lead her back to your place

Bonus #3:  The “Effortless Game” Attraction Checklist

You’ll also get a special “seduction checklist”
to make sure you’re putting everything into use any time you spend time
with a female friend, co-worker, or woman you’re interested in. Never forget what to say or do again

Simply download the program and try The Effortless Effect
one time. If you’re not meeting and attracting 10x more women than you
ever have in your life –  you can get a complete, fast, no hassle
refund. That means you either get back the attraction she felt for
you… or you pay nothing.

You don’t even need to have a reason.

Seriously. If this course isn’t the most “revolutionary breakthrough” in your life since you started  studying “dating advice” you can have your money back.

And that means you will have seen everything for FREE. That’s how
confident I am that The Effortless Effect will work for you. Remember you get a
full 30 days to try out all the materials without risk. I can’t get any
more fair than that.

And of course, if you have any questions or need support you can reach me directly at [email protected] and get help instantly

I don’t want to pressure you, but your “window of opportunity” with her
is closing by the second and you need to make a choice right now…

Is to leave here today and “do nothing”

that somehow this problem will just “magically” go away on it’s own.

we both know that’s NEVER how it works…

And eventually you’ll find yourself at some party, where the girl you secretly have feelings for is about to go home with some “random guy”…

And you’ll be forced to confess your feelings to her in some totally creepy way that scares her off forever  (and I’m speaking from experience here)

You could also take what you’ve learned here today and try to figure it all out on
your own.

But do really want to take that RISK when you’re “so close”
to getting her back?

Not to mention, what will you do when you need help answering all of your most important questions.

– Hey Chris, once I get the attraction back, when should I make my move?

– And exactly what move do I make? Should I try to kiss her or do something else?

– What do I say when she “TESTS” me for behaving in this “new” attractive way?

– Do I really act “laid back” the whole time… or are there certain moments when I need to “take the lead” and be more assertive?

(Hint: the answer is YES)

Wouldn’t you rather have a “proven system” that already has the answers to any situation that’s going to come up.

Not to mention, having access to a step-by-step “blueprint” that thousands of guys around the world have already had success with?

Choice Three (The Only Choice)

Is to get “instant access” to the entire program and start using the Effortless Effect to “unlock” her hidden attraction for you

Imagine how great it’s going to feel when you finally reignite that chemistry she felt for you…

A “connection” that will have her texting you out of the blue. Begging you to hangout. And following you back to your bedroom.

How good will that make you feel about yourself… and your life.

Not to mention, the tremendous weight you’ll feel lifted off your shoulders when you can finally say you no longer have this problem.

That is why I absolutely URGE you to take action and click the “Access Now” Button to get your discount before this offer ends.

This offer could be long gone the next time you check…so do it now while you still can

P.S. Remember, everything is backed by my no questions asked 100% money back guarantee. So all of the risk is on me. If The “Effortless Game” Attraction System doesn’t help you meet and attract more beautiful women than you can possibly date in one lifetime – then I immediately want you to ask for all of your money back. So go ahead and order right now and you’ll get instant access to the program!

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Click here to get The Effortless Effect | Simple – How To Attract A Woman Without Talking at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The Effortless Effect | Simple – How To Attract A Woman Without Talking is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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