Largest Black Dating Site (2020)

Launched back in 2002, Black People Meet brags about being the largest black online dating site for singles in the US. But should you believe them? Read my review to find it out. is indeed one of the largest online dating sites catering to the black community. However, the site actually counts members of all ethnicities and from all walks of life, a feature that makes it ideal for interracial dating.

Black People Meet is similar to its parent site in that it’s based on a two-tiered system. Setting up an account is free but free members enjoy limited features. In order for you to enjoy the full features of the site and boost your online dating experience, you’ll have to subscribe to a paid membership.

With a generous user pool, BPM caters to people more interested in long-lasting relationships than occasional hookups. In fact, the vast majority of the members are in their 30s or 40s and are generally looking for serious dating.

This is awesome if you don’t want to lose time with people interested only in occasional dating or one night stands.

A user-friendly interface and interesting features make Black People Meet one of the most engaging online dating sites.

Read on to find out whether or not this site is right for you and to learn more about its features and characteristics.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up To


Black People Meet is an attractive dating site that offers real matchmaking opportunities to people of all races and ethnicities. Yet, this doesn’t mean the site is for everyone.

Born as a niche site dedicated to the Afro-American community, BPM boasts a wide user pool formed of black people. The site is open to people of all races and ethnicities but acts more as a dating place for people interested either in specific black dating or interracial dating.

I wouldn’t recommend using this site if you’re a Caucasian looking for a white partner. In this case, alternative sites such as eHarmony or could be more appropriate choices.

Black People Meet is also not for you if you’re looking for a free online dating experience. Creating an account on the platform is free, but free members have very limited access to functionalities.

Not only this will frustrate you in the long run, but you won’t be able to do anything else than just browsing through profiles and looking at photos. Free members do get the chance to communicate via Flirts, but you won’t be able to see if the other user is interested in dating you.

Another concern regards the fake profiles. Because members are required to subscribe to a paid plan before being able to interact, Black People Meet has few fake profiles. However, scammers always find a way to take advantage of naïve people, therefore you should never give away personal information or financial details through messages.

That said, Black People Meet is a promising online dating site. Read on to find out more about its features, pros, and cons.

What Is

Black People Meet

Black People Meet was born in 2002 as a niche site dedicated to black singles. With the time, the platform has grown its user pool which now incorporates a generous amount of members of different races and ethnicities.

Popular majorly in the USA, counts over 4.5 million members with 4.3 million visits coming from the US. Looking at the stats, the site is not the excellence in international dating but can satisfy the needs of those looking for interracial dating with a black man or woman.

What is awesome about this website is that it caters to a demographic which is mainly ignored by the other mainstream dating sites, while keeping itself open to users from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Thanks to a generous member pool, BPM offers real online dating opportunities. There are hundreds of online members at any given time and the platform allows members to actually search based on the online availability.

This means you’ll always find someone to talk to; moreover, you can filter results based on geographical proximity.

Designed for single people of all backgrounds, Black People Meet is also an awesome place where to encounter members of all sexual orientation.

In reality, the platform is geared more towards straight people but LGBT members can also find potential matches. Similar to the mainstream dating sites, Black People Meet features an array of functionalities and in-site games created to boost your dating experience. You’ll be able to send flirts, play games, chat, and more.

Signing up for Black People Meet is dead easy. Just register in a classic way by providing your email address and a password or register through Facebook to speed things up. Once your account was created, the sign-up process will take you through a 5-step registration asking you to provide your birthday and zip code, choose a username and fill in a short bio.

The last screen will prompt you to subscribe to a paid membership, which is recommended if you want to enjoy your online dating experience.

If you don’t choose to upgrade at this time, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard from where you’ll be able to start browsing through profiles. Seeing the other members, reading their bio and visualizing the photos is free, but you won’t be able to interact.

Like most online dating sites, Black People Meet also comes with an app available for Android and Apple devices.

Black People Meet Advantages

  • Culturally-mixed user pool. Unlike the popular belief that Black People Meet is geared towards black people only, the site actually welcomes members from all races and ethnicities. This makes the platform a great place where to meet people of different cultures; BPM is ideal for people of all races interested in experiencing romance with an Afro-American partner.
  • Quality members. Even if it’s free for everyone to join, Black People Meet has somehow managed to stay away from the hordes of fakers and scammers. Most profiles are genuine and most members are genuinely interested in long-term relationships.
  • Detailed profiles. Unlike some mainstream online dating sites, won’t put users through the hassle of answering quizzes and personality tests. Instead, it provides them with the opportunity to include as many details as they want in their personal profiles. This includes a host of profile personalization options the other websites lack.
  • Neat design. Black People Meet stands as an example of user friendliness and usability. The site boasts a neat design and an attractive interface. Despite the many features, everything is organized and accessible. Modern graphics and a beautiful color palette provide a pleasant in-site navigation.
  • Icebreakers. If you’re rather shy, know that BPM comes with plenty of icebreakers and message prompts built into profile pages. Getting noticed has never been this easy.

Black People Meet Disadvantages

  • Free members get access to very limited features which basically resume to searching and looking at profiles. You will be able to send Flirts, but won’t be able to see if the other user has sent a Flirt back nor read or answer to the messages.
  • Paying members get access to all functionalities of the site, but the search functions remain pretty much the same as those available to free members.
  • Black People Meet doesn’t use a complex matchmaking system and will only use the information on your profile to send you daily matches. Features

Do you believe this online dating site could be the right one for you? Here’s a list of the main features to help you decide.


Most mainstream dating sites use complex algorithms and lengthy personality questionnaires to find your potential matches. But not BPM. This site doesn’t ask you to complete quizzes or answer questions. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to provide plentiful information on your profile regarding your lifestyle and preferences.

Based on this, the matchmaking system will send you 11 featured matches each day displayed on your dashboard.

If none is of your liking, the site allows all members to roam freely through profiles. The search options will allow you to filter members based on their race, ethnicity, age, location, and more. Moreover, you’ll even be able to filter the results based on availability.

In this case, the platform will only display those members who are online – a nice thing if you don’t want to lose time.

You can also find potential matches by playing the I’m Interested game, which is very similar to the one featured by The system will prompt you with images of members and you can swipe left or right to show your interest.


Interaction is available to both free and paying members, but free members can only send a Flirt to draw attention. Sadly, as a free member, you won’t be able to reply to any messages nor see if someone else sent you flirts.

As a paying member, you’ll be able to contact everyone – but that’s not so awesome as it seems.

Black People Meet doesn’t mark the premium profiles in any way, so you could spend time and energy in contacting free members, who won’t even be able to read your messages.

That said, you will still have the opportunity to engage in conversation with most members. Some in-site features include a chat room and also the possibility to voice chat with your matches. Moreover, paying members can register audio or video messages to upload to their profile pages and use as icebreakers.

Special Features

A splendid thing about Black People Meet is the quality of all special features. These don’t refer to the matchmaking games but to perks that really boost your user experience.

The special feature I enjoyed most is the Connect Me feature. Basically, the platform provides you with a virtual phone number you can use to voice-chat with a match. This is great if you want to heat the other user’s voice but don’t feel ready to disclose personal information just yet.

If you feel that you’re not visible enough, just use the Promote Me and Match Me features. The former boosts your profile on top of the matching results; the latter will show your profile more often in the other users’ daily matches.

Interesting is also the Profile Pro service available for those who don’t know how to write a profile bio that stands out. If you struggle to get noticed, just let the professional team of writers give a facelift to your profile.

And when you just want to impress your potential match, send a virtual gift. This special feature requires you to use tokens – the in-site currency – to send virtual flowers, stuffed toys, and other gifts to your crush.


Owned by Match Group, the same group that owns other major dating sites including OK Cupid, Plenty of Fish, and Match, Black People Meet boasts similar safety features. The group doesn’t conduct criminal checks nor they screen users, but the paid plan discourages scammers.

Your own sensitive data, including your credit card details, are kept in a safe database and by the date, there have been no reports regarding incidents.

If you notice any suspicious behavior, there is always the chance to report a user and the customer support may suspend any account at its own discretion. To ensure safety, the customer support also creates test profiles every now and then to check other profiles or to test the functionalities of the site.


If Black People Meet sounds overwhelming but you’re still interested in dating Afro-American people, know that Media People also operates a few niche websites that are related to BPM.

These are Black Seniors Meet, a site dedicated to members over 50 years old, and Black Christian People Meet, the colorful version of the more generic Christian Mingle.

Final Thoughts

Black People Meet is an attractive dating site ideal for those looking for Afro-American romance. Welcoming people from all races, the site is often seen as a great alternative to many interracial dating sites.

An intuitive interface but also modern graphics make the dashboard attractive and the site truly user-friendly.

With a generous user pool, Black People Meet is also the ideal place where to find someone to chat to at any time of the day.

Like most mainstream dating sites, is not free to use, although you won’t be asked to pay anything to create a profile. Yet, you will have to pay to get the advantage of all the functionalities. Fortunately, the subscription fee is inexpensive when compared to the site’s main competitors, which is a huge advantage.

I wouldn’t recommend using this site if you’re Caucasian and looking to date someone of your own race. But if you’re tempted to cross the boundaries and try something new, or if you just want to find your perfect Afro-American man, BPM could be the right place for you.

Plenty safety features, engaging matching games, special features, and easy communication are just some of the characteristics that will define your user experience on

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