Does The Cancer Man Cheat? 5 Signs He May Be

Are you worried about the recent behavior of your Cancer boyfriend?

Is he acting in a way which suggests he could be fooling around with another woman?

A Cancer man is known for falling in love quickly. Are you seeing signs that yours is falling for someone else? 

If so, your best bet is to find out what’s going on. 

There really is no time to waste. 

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Below, we explain the five clearest signs that your Cancer boyfriend might be cheating on you.   

Signs that a Cancer man is cheating on you


1. There are no tears – just drifting away

So, if a cancer man is over you and wants this breakup, or is cheating and wants to make a parting of ways, it will most likely be the case that this cancer won’t want to hurt your feelings on purpose and would rather cheat as a way to protect you from an awkward break up conversation! This is bizarre but true – the ostrich approach is in full swing here! They also don’t want to partake in tears, big arguments or direct conversations about any issues that can definitely try their emotions, so you may notice that they aren’t very keen on a direct conversation or even complimenting you anymore in case it leads to a deep conversation.

you feel like you’re losing the Cancer man the worst part is that you might
have to be the one to initiate it. Unless you’re living together, you may
notice that your cancer isn’t texting you calling you, or making plans with you
as often. They probably won’t completely stop contact though because they would
find that cruel and unnecessary. If you do live together then you’ll notice
they’re finding reasons to not be home. And that is a huge warning sign because
cancers love to chill at their house or their home or wherever it is that
they’re living. These are real homebodies at heart so if they’re not spending
time at home because you’re living with them this is a big sign.

2. They are helping you move on

Strangely – and this may sound kind of
weird – but they may start to behave in a way as if to prepare you for life
without them without you even really noticing.

Maybe your car is broken and they get fixed
for you. Maybe they help you find a job because you don’t have one. Perhaps
they help you look into like a new hobby, something that you find fun something
that you will get enjoyment out of. They want to feel like you’re going to be
okay once they’re not with you and know once they’re not in your life anymore
they won’t have guilt as well. They want to almost set you up to kind of be
happy once they’re gone.

3.  They seem irritable

It’s an obvious one for this cranky crab,
but it’s a sign they may be cheating if they seem annoyed or irritated with you
for no reason – just out of the blue. Of course, Cancer men have no problems
being kind of cranky in general but if this seems to be happening more often
than not, and they’re almost miserable and unhappy, especially around you,
maybe not specifically towards you, but in your general proximity, then you
should definitely pay attention. It could just be something else bothering
them, but watch how the Cancer man is around their close friends and family. If
you see them and they’re fine and fun and happy and everything seems okay then
this could definitely be a sign that their problem is you. If they are very
touchy around relationship talk future talk and are especially snappy when
they’re around you, then it’s probably because they’re feeling kind of guilty.

4.  He is putting you in the friend zone

If a Cancer man is cheating he will
absolutely feel bad, and one way this sign will react is that he will start to
friend zone you – taking all the closeness away bit by bit. This is a sign that
he may be cheating or even in love with someone else. This will happen
gradually so if you start to notice the PDA has stopped – perhaps things like
hand-holding becomes a thing of the past, that bedroom intimacy is very rare or
it’s just completely gone out the window, this is a bad sign for the

If the Cancer man is already cheating or is
planning on ending things and moving on, he will find it much simpler just to
go back to how things were at the start – kind of like hanging out like pals!
If you can be sure that you were really together and there was that romantic
vibe there and now there’s not definitely address this.

5. He’s awkward

The crab sign is all about home and comfort
in general. So if he is really acting awkward you should worry. Signs that
would indicate he is feeling guilty and grabby would be how he could shut down,
spending an obscene amount of time on his phone. This isn’t just because
another girl is on the other line, but one of the main reasons that a Cancer
man would use his phone is because he is possibly looking for and seeking
advice from friends or family on how to break up with you and how to move on
from your relationship, or even discussing the other person in his life. This
is a sign that really needs to communicate and will want to talk about all
their problems. There is a very high chance that if he has a tight circle of
friends, that he wants to get other people’s opinions, and he will be texting
them and asking about what he should be doing. 

Ending or cheating on a relationship is usually never just a quick swift decision that is then over with the cancer. If you can see that their noses are buried in their phone or if they’re spending a lot more time with their friends, then definitely think about this potential reason to do this -of course, there is the other hurtful idea that they might be distracted with their phones because they’re talking to somebody new – a romantic somebody that they have met and are showing an interest in.

A final note on this – as when it comes to
making a decision or ending a relationship, the Cancer man is incredibly slow.
For whatever reason the relationship isn’t right, they’ll still just take their
time to make a decision to talk to you – and that’s because of nerves, feeling
bad and a general kind of avoidance of anything they don’t want to deal with
it! And of course for cancer men, part of that is comfort. They love being
comfy in their lives and aren’t natural adventurers ready to hit the world, so
if they’re comfortable with you it’s going to be hard for them to change their
life, because they’re going to have to be getting out of that shell that they
have assigned themselves, and that for them is very uncomfortable for them.

Is the Cancer man really cheating?

These crabbish men sometimes get all
tangled with their emotions so we really recommend that you speak directly to
him, get him out of his shell and explain your fears and worries around him
cheating. As mentioned, life is short so it’s in your best interest to have
this conversation over with as soon as possible, face to face!

If you noticed any of these signs it’s
definitely something to be aware of if you’re with a cancer man, but at the
same time don’t take it as anything more than a heads up. What you will know is
that if the cancer is over you, that there are millions of other people out
there and you can definitely meet someone else! So, speak to your man, and then
take your time meeting someone else and above all, get very excited because it
means there’s going to be new exciting things in your life for you.

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women out who are looking out for those signs that their man is looking
elsewhere for affection.

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