8 Tell-Tale Signs A Leo Man Is Not Interested

Are you wondering whether a Leo man is interested in you?

This sign tends to be naturally extroverted, but this can make it difficult to tell if a man is flirting or just being nice…

Thankfully, this guide unravels the mystery by revealing the 8 clues that a Leo is not interested in you. 

However, before these clues are revealed, it’s important that you read the following sentences carefully. 

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Of course, it might be that this Leo is already pining after you. The guide below will help you find out if this is the case. 

He clearly does not respect you


When we have a crush on someone, it can be so easy to want any attention – even when it is negative. It is so common for women who fall for a Leo man to be so enraptured with him that they do not see that he does not treat them with any form of respect.

Lack of respect can display itself in a number of ways, but putting you down and always being negative about you is just one way a Leo man may show some of his true colors. This comes from his jealous and competitive nature. He may also get you to do things that he thinks are below him because he is taking advantage of your obvious lust for him.

This is particularly unkind but Leo men love to be domineering when they can – which again comes from their want to win and their competitiveness.

He makes no effort to spend time with youHe makes no effort to spend time with you

When a Leo man wants something, he goes for it. A clear sign that he really is not interested in you at all is when he makes absolutely no effort whatsoever to spend any time with you. You may like to think that he is playing hard to get, or that he does like you but he is just shy – however, that is quite simply not the case.

If a Leo wants to see you, he will love to make every effort to actually do so. A Leo Man will think of anything and everything to ensure that he will see you at any occasion with any excuse. A Leo man is a confident and optimistic person, mixed with a good dose of arrogance, so he will probably never have even thought of the possibility that you would say no to any of his requests to see you.

Bearing that in mind, if a Leo man does not like you in a romantic way, he won’t go out of his way to see you on your own.

He never asks you to join in with him and his friends

This is a big sign that your Leo man is not interested in dating you or, if you are already dating, taking your relationship very far into the future. A Leo man likes to be the centre of attention and as such, he loves to show off any girlfriend he has to his friends. If he wants you to be his girlfriend, he wants you to meet his friends so that he can more easily show off in front of you with his support network there to help him.

If a Leo does not want to be with you romantically, then it will never even occur to your Leo man to take you along to a mate’s birthday party or to ask you to get to know his friends at a Summer barbecue.

This is because a Leo wants to spend time with his chums just having fun – he does not want to have to ‘look after’ a girl that he knows he is not going to be with in the future. If he’s not even with you as a boyfriend, it would not even have crossed his mind to introduce you to his inner circle.

He is always making excusesHe is always making excuses

A sure fire way to tell whether the Leo Man of your dreams is into you or not is whether he shows up to plans you make together or if you feel like he is always making excuses to back out of them. If it is the latter, then sadly a Leo Man wants nothing more than a platonic relationship with you.

It can be easy to shrug off his excuse if you really like a Leo. Instead, you may want to believe them as true and real reasons that he does not want to see you on your own or further your friendship or relationship – whatever stage it is at. But remember some of the key traits to this sign of the zodiac. He is confident and fun loving. The consequence of this is – if he wants to see you, he will never make an excuse to miss out on an opportunity to see you.

If this is starting to resonant with you as a person looking to ensnare a Leo man, it may be best to admit now that this relationship is not going anywhere this time – however much you would like it to.

He never contacts you

Does it always seem like you are the one calling him or messaging him to see how he is or what he is up to? This is sadly one of the biggest signs a Leo man is not interested in you as he is not afraid of going after what he wants – if he wants it. If he has not interest in you, he won’t make any attempt to call you, even as a friend.

A Leo Man is perhaps even more guilty of never contact a girl, even one that he is supposed to be in a relationship with, than any other sign of the zodiac. This comes from both a Leo man’s pride and laziness. It can make him suffer from a big dose of arrogance that stops him from thinking about other people’s feelings.

Remember, however, he will never shy aware from contacting someone he does like and may even love in future.

He says one thing and does another

So many women complain about a Leo man’s habit of saying one thing and doing another – like arranging to meet up and then never actually showing. If that is the case with your boyfriend or your crush, it may be time to have a stark look at your relationship or the chance of a relationship with a good dose of honesty with yourself. A Leo man, again due to his arrogance and pride, will not think about sparing someone’s feelings and how hurtful it can be should they go back on plans that have been previously made.

A Leo man in love, however, will display his honest nature throughout a relationship with a woman he wants to get to know and be with. He will never lie about what his intentions are or what his actions will be. He will never say one thing and do another.

The result of this is that a Leo man has the ability to make a woman or person he is interested in feel like the best thing in the world. However, if he is not interested, a Leo man will not care about flaking on plans.

He only ever shows interest when none of his friends are aroundHe only ever shows interest when none of his friends are around

If you are with a Leo man, you will know how absorbing and wonderful it feels to be the centre of their attention. However, if a Leo man only ever shows interest in you when you are alone, then you need to start questioning his motives and whether this man is into you at all.

A Leo that only showers you with affection or attention at a time when you are alone will tend to be a Leo that is only interested in bolstering his ego. It is fairly common with signs that are as arrogant as a Leo. The problem that so many people who, like a Leo, suffer from is when they believe that this interest is actually a sign of something more.

Understandably, if a Leo is showing you interest when in your company, it can be easy to believe that they like you. However, it is sadly the case that they are actually using you and your time to get something out of you other than just romance. Whilst sometimes it is not malicious or unintentional, it is a cruel trait never the less. And definitely something to be wary about.

He is always looking around when you are out

Any woman who has spent a lot of time trying to get a date with a Leo man will be incredibly pleased if they do actually manage to go out with this sign of the zodiac. However, as previously mentioned, a Leo can be so arrogant that they sometimes say yes to dating a woman simply to feel better about themselves.

A clear sign that this is the case with your chosen Leo as well as a sign that he is not interested in you, is that he is looking any where but into your eyes when out on a date. He could be looking at other women, but he may not be. But if he is constantly looking away from you and spending a lot of the evening distracted and not paying you attention, then take this as a sign to walk away from him.

If he is not spending enough time talking to you alone, then he is not interested and you are wasting your time trying to persuade him otherwise.

Tell-Tale Signs That A Leo Man Is Not Interested - The bottom lineTell-Tale Signs That A Leo Man Is Not Interested – The bottom line

It can be really hard to admit to yourself that your crush is quite simply not into you. But, if you know his start sign and you know that the man of your dreams is a Leo zodiac sign, you at least will have the best heads up possible about what his tell tale signs are when he is not interested in a woman.

Knowing them in advance can save you a lot of heart ache in the long run and mean that you cut things off with him before you have your feelings hurt. It can be so tempting when someone with as magnetic a personality as a Leo man to keep trying to chase him and be what this attractive man wants. But he also is incredibly stubborn and if he does not return your crush from the outset, he will never really be able to love you as you want him to.

Instead, move on as quickly as you can from him. If you are not in a relationship with him, do your best to stay out of his way for long enough for your crush to dissipate as easily as possible. If you are already dating, then have respect in yourself to say that you deserve better than to be treated as a Leo man treats a girlfriend that he is not interested in.

Any of the above tell tale signs are not okay to accept when you are this guy’s partner. The sooner you realise this, and speak up about it, the better.

Do you have experience with a Leo Man?

Comment below with any signs that you have witnessed or experienced when going out with a Leo man. We’d love to hear more about how to dodge any doomed relationships right from the beginning.

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